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The direct substitution of a metal component for its ceramic counterpart can have a detrimental "knock-on" effect on adjacent metal components (e.g. differential wear rates). In some cases the benefits of substitution outweigh the disadvantages of the "knock-on" effect.

In other cases it is important to design, from the "ground up", a new product using ceramic components utilising the exceptional properties of engineering ceramics (for more information please click here). This approach could also be prudent because the design criteria for ceramics are different to those of metals.

Working With Design Engineers

There are some design and structural engineers that lack the knowledge and experience in using engineering ceramics often because universities they attended did not offer substantial courses in engineering ceramics as part of their materials engineering curriculum. This has led to a reluctance by these engineers to adopt engineering ceramics as their material of choice to enhance their products. Furthermore the brittleness of most engineering ceramics has also contributed to their unpopularity despite the fact that there are techniques available that would permit the viable design of components using brittle materials. That is, by using reliable data one can appropriately design a component for a given stress (see for example reference 7).



Getting UHMís Message Known

UHM attempts to address the lack of knowledge and experience of using its CeTZP engineering ceramics with the technical information available on its websites.

UHM encourages engineers to contact our technical personnel if they are considering using UHMís CeTZP engineering ceramic for their design to possibly increase the efficiency and performance of their existing products as well as develop new products.


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