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Making Prototypes for Customers


CeTZP Ceramic Rods and Circular Tile


CeTZP ceramic Gerotor components


UHMís potential customers do not have to just take the mechanical and thermal property data of UHM's CeTZP at face value. UHM invites potential customers to send a drawing of a component together with its operating conditions and we will assess the possibility of making a prototype CeTZP version (the costs of tooling to be negotiated).

The prototype CeTZP component made by UHM will be returned to the customer for their testing and critical evaluation.

The advantages and/or the disadvantages in substituting UHMís CeTZP ceramic components for any customer's metal components can most realistically be analysed through experimentation and extensive testing by the customers themselves to ascertain if UHM's CeTZP component would meet the customers' safety, reliability, operating and performance criteria and standards as well as any legal safety, reliability, operating and performance criteria and standards - IMPORTANT - please read our Product Liability Disclaimer (click here).

The properties of UHMís CeTZP make it an attractive candidate material as a direct substitute for metal components in certain high performance applications. However, it is prudent to note that the maximum advantage of the material can only be achieved when the specific properties are utilised for designing the component at the concept stage (please click here) (see also reference 7 - reference section).

Please note:

UHM is currently able to produce CeTZP components which are 1.75 inches in diameter by 2 inches in height and with reasonable complexity without requiring extra tooling.

Various CeTZP Ceramic Components




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