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  Are you looking for a material that is harder than steel?

  Are your metal components wearing out more quickly than desired?

  Are your metal components reaching the performance limits of the material?

  Are you looking for a material that can operate at very high temperatures?

  Are your metal components deteriorating in abrasive, corrosive and other severe environments?

That is, are you seeking a material that wears less, lasts longer, operates at high temperatures and withstands highly aggressive chemical environments? Then you could be looking for an advanced or engineering ceramic material.


If so, are you also looking for an engineering ceramic material that has a very low thermal conductivity?


Then you could be looking for an engineering ceramic material like the zirconias.


UltraHard Materials Limited ("UHM") fabricates components made from monolithic Ceria-Stabilised Zirconia ("CeTZP"), an engineering ceramic material for high performance applications. CeTZP ceramic is a member of the zirconia family of ceramics.


Unlike conventionally-produced CeTZP ceramics, UHM's CeTZP ceramic, we believe, has the best combination of high hardness, high fracture toughness, high bend strength and high compression strength as well as better environmental stability making it, we reckon, the best candidate material among all of the commercial monolithic engineering ceramics currently available for wear-resistant applications under load-bearing conditions. For test results of some customers please click here].



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